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The Ghost of Whitechapel

Добавлено: 9-07-2014, 17:38
Автор: Mary Jane Staples
Название: The Ghost of Whitechapel
Издательство: Corgie Books
Год: 1997
Длительность: 9 час 05 мин
Читают: Eileen Mills
Качество: 48 Kbps CBR Mono
Размер: 193.13 mb
Формат: mp3
Язык: English

When fiery Bridget Cummings advertised for a lodger, she did not expect a policeman to apply for the room. She wasn't fond of the coppers, believing them to be traitors to the poor of Whitechapel, but her younger brother and sister moved PC Fred Billings in the moment Bridget's back was turned, and she seemed to have little say in the matter. Still, she had to admit that she was glad of Fred's company in the walk back from her late-night washing-up job, particularly when a young girl was found in a nearby street with her throat cut.
The discovery of the body of Maureen Flanagan who was, the neighbours believed, a respectable woman, naturally stirred memories of Jack the Ripper. His horrific crimes had shocked the neighbourhood only twelve years before, but Chief Inspector Dobbs of the City of London Police was convinced, like most other police officers, that the Ripper was dead. But when a second body was discovered, and Bridget noticed a strange man following her, the neighbourhood was alert to the possibility that the terror had returned…

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