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Tiger: A Modern Study of Fgst. NR. 250031 (The Wheatcroft Collection)

Добавлено: 7-01-2015, 06:47


Tiger: A Modern Study of Fgst. NR. 250031 (The Wheatcroft Collection)
Название: Tiger: A Modern Study of Fgst. NR. 250031
Автор: Lee Lloyd, Brian Balkwill, Alisdair Johnston
Издательство: The Research Squad
Серия: The Wheatcroft Collection
ISBN: 978 0955642210
Год издания: 2008
Язык: English
Cтраниц: 211
Формат: PDF
Размер: 164,3 MB

The Research Squad are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Tiger: Modern Study of Fgst. NR. 250031, a complete photostudy of a surviving German WW2 Tiger tank, currently located at "The Wheatcroft Collection".The Research Squad has been given special permission by the collection to fully document this important vehicle. This therefore presents a unique opportunity to create a full photographic record before, during and after the restoration process. To this end the book will document the vehicle in its current state. This will include a full exterior walk-around, a complete documentation of the interior and also a detailed study of the engine compartment.The book will comprise +/- 160 pages and contain 450+ images.All accessible areas of the vehicle are examined including: full exterior; turret and fighting compartment; and, engine compartment.In addition there will be: a history of the vehicle from capture to present date; a Pantone examination of the paint layer history; 20+ technical drawings of specific items of interest; original Internal images of the transmission and gearbox; and, a preview of a previously unseen original intact turret bin (not from this vehicle).




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