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Handbook of Human Computation

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Handbook of Human Computation
Название: Handbook of Human Computation
Автор: Michelucci, Pietr
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2014
Страниц: 1000
Язык: English
Формат: epub
Размер: 12,2 Mb

Provides a comprehensive, current, and interdisciplinary treatment of the field of Human Computation
Gathers into one volume contributions from leading scientists, visionaries, authors, and practitioners
Divided into nine comprehensive sections for easy reference
Enriches understanding of the field through historical and visionary chapters that transcend the technical scope of competitive literature

This volume addresses the emerging area of human computation, The chapters, written by leading international researchers, explore existing and future opportunities to combine the respective strengths of both humans and machines in order to create powerful problem-solving capabilities. The book bridges scientific communities, capturing and integrating the unique perspective and achievements of each. It coalesces contributions from industry and across related disciplines in order to motivate, define, and anticipate the future of this exciting new frontier in science and cultural evolution. Readers can expect to find valuable contributions covering Foundations; Application Domains; Techniques and Modalities; Infrastructure and Architecture; Algorithms; Participation; Analysis; Policy and Security and the Impact of Human Computation. Researchers and professionals will find the Handbook of Human Computation a valuable reference tool. The breadth of content also provides a thorough foundation for students of the field.


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