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Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies

Добавлено: 15-07-2013, 04:55
Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies
Название:Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies
Издательство:For Dummies
Автор: John Szabo
Год: 2013
Количество страниц:408
Формат: pdf
Размер:10 Mb
The easy way to learn to pair food with wine
Knowing the best wine to serve with food can be a real challenge, and can make or break a meal. Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies helps you understand the principles behind matching wine and food. From European to Asian, fine dining to burgers and barbeque, you'll learn strategies for knowing just what wine to choose with anything you're having for dinner.
Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies goes beyond offering a simple list of which wines to drink with which food. This helpful guide gives you access to the principles that enable you to make your own informed matches on the fly, whatever wine or food is on the table.

Gives you expert insight at the fraction of a cost of those pricey food and wine pairing courses
Helps you find the perfect match for tricky dishes, like curries and vegetarian food
Offers tips on how to hold lively food and wine tasting parties
If you're new to wine and want to get a handle on everything you need to expertly match food and wine, Pairing Food and Wine For Dummies has you covered.

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