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Signs and Symbols - their design and meaning by Frutiger

Добавлено: 1-07-2015, 19:59

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Signs and Symbols - their design and meaning by Frutiger
НазваниеSigns and Symbols: Their Design and Meaning
Издательство: Van Nostrand Reinhold
Автор:Adrian Frutiger
Количество страниц: 360
Формат: pdf
Размер:38,6 Mb
Universally-recognized signs and symbols have always been among the most important elements of communication. By why is it that certain configurations of dot and line, and certain primary shapes, are perceived and remembered more easily than others? Taking the six faces of dice as his starting point, Frutiger writes about signs and symbols in general and the development of writing in particular. Throughout, he relates the basic principles and components of graphics to a wide range of historical, physical, linguistic and practical considerations. He embraces everything from Egyptian hieroglyphics to modern company logos in his intriguing analysis of the way that humans have always tried to express thought and communication through graphic means. This standard work is aimed at all those concerned with graphics, design, ornament and communication in general.


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