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The Function of Ornament

Добавлено: 14-08-2015, 09:26
Название: The Function of Ornament
Автор(ы): Farshid Moussavi, Michael Kubo
Издательство: Actar
Год: 2006
ISBN: 8496540502
Страниц: 185
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 199 MB

Architecture needs mechanisms that allow it to become connected to culture. It achieves this by continually capturing the forces that shape society as material to work with. Architecture's materiality is therefore a composite one, made up of visible forces (structural, functional, physical) as well as invisible forces (cultural, political, temporal). Architecture progresses through new concepts that connect with these forces, manifesting itself in new aesthetic compositions and affects. Ornament is the by-product of this process, through which architectural material is organized to transmit unique affects. This book is a graphic guide to ornaments in the twentieth century. It unveils the function of ornament as the agent for specific affects, dismantling the idea that ornament is applied to buildings as a discrete or non-essential entity. Each case operates through greater or lesser depth to exploit specific synergies between the exterior and the interior, constructing an internal order between ornament and material. These internal orders produce expressions that are contemporary, yet whose affects are resilient in time.
(Назначение украшения. Архитектура должна иметь инструменты, которые связывают её с общей культурой, проявляясь даже в новых концепциях и эстетических позициях. Украшение, декор, орнаментальность являются частями этого механизма...)

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