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The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2010

Добавлено: 3-07-2015, 02:39

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The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2010
Автор: Amer Radio Relay League
Название: The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2010
Издательство: Amer Radio Relay League
Год: 2009
Страниц: 304
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 368 МБ (в архиве)
Качество: отличное (изначально электронный вид, со встроенными ссылками, цветные иллюстрации)
Для сайта: www.wave9.ru

архивы содержат информацию для восстановления.

Already with a 2009 handbook in my library I felt a fair amount of reluctance to buy the 2010 edition. But the promise of fresher material, more information, and a nice price cut to roll the puppy out and start the buzz moved me to purchase the "ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2010."
After reviewing the massive volume I deem the outlay as money well spent. It made a good addition to my ham shack. The 2010 handbook differs from prior yearly editions in not recycling massive amounts of the same old material or cut-and-pasting work out of QST.

This 2010 edition also shows better production and editing attention than some recent ARRL publications. If you don't own a handbook, but do maintain a passion, temperament, or inclination to use amateur radio, and if you possess the cash to comfortably do so, no question about it, you should get a copy of this book. If you are a ham and have one, say no more than five years old, your level and type of involvement will be your guide. If you are into new radio and antenna designs, use new techniques, or want to upgrade your own knowledge of the once esoteric modes that rapidly become bread-and-butter in amateur radio, then I'd sugges.

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