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Lockheed Constellation and Super Constellation

Добавлено: 8-11-2014, 07:56
Lockheed Constellation and Super Constellation (AirlinerTech 1)
By Scott E. Germain

Publisher: Specialty Press 1998 102 Pages
ISBN: 1580070000

Who knew that brothers Malcolm and Allan Loughead would found such an influ­ential and important aircraft design and manufacturing company? The com­pany's first aircraft, the Model G, made its first flight in San Francisco on June 15, 1913. Later, in 1926, the company name was changed to Lockheed. His­tory defined the rest. Without the likes of Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, Hal Hib-bard, and other aeronautical geniuses at Lockheed, history-shaping aircraft such as the Lightning, Constellation, and P-80 would never have been produced. Leading-edge technology and common sense management styles were Lock­heed trademarks established during World War II and continued today. This business acumen would propel the company, and its legendary Skunk Works division, to produce such clas­sics as the F-104 Starfighter, the U-2/TR-1, the SR-71, and the F-117A.

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