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The Civil War Handbook

Добавлено: 28-06-2015, 10:56
The Civil War Handbook
By William H Price

Publisher: Aerial Photography Services Inc 1961 75 Pages

It is the purpose of The Civil War Handbook to present this unusual story of the Civil Warm a mosaic composed of fragments from the lesser-known and yet colorful facts that have survived a century but have been obscured by the voluminous battle narratives and campaign studies.
Much of this material, when originally drafted, was selected by the National Civil War Centennial Commission for their informative and interesting Facts About the Civil War. This original material, revised and enlarged, has grown into The Civil War Handbook.
The handbook is divided into five basic parts. The first is a presentation of little-known and unusual facts about participants, battles and losses, and the cost of war. The second is a graphic portrayal of both the men and machines that made the war of the 1860's. The spe­cial selection of photographs for this portion of the story were made available through the courtesy of the National Archives and the Library of Congress. Next are repro­ductions in color of Union and Confederate uniforms from the Official Records Atlas and the famous paintings by H. A. Ogden. The fourth section is a reference table of ...

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