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Modern Earth Buildings: Materials, Engineering, Constructions and Applications

Добавлено: 9-01-2014, 18:57
Modern Earth Buildings: Materials, Engineering, Constructions and ApplicationsАвтор: Matthew Hall
Название: Modern Earth Buildings: Materials, Engineering, Constructions and Applications
Издательство: Woodhead Publishing Ltd
Год: 2012
Формат: PDF
Размер: 12 Mb
Язык: Английский

With the improved energy efficiency, high level of structural integrity and aesthetically-pleasing finishes achieved in modern earth construction, it is now one of the leading choices for sustainable, low-energy building. Modern earth buildings provides an essential exploration of the materials and techniques key to the design, development and construction of such buildings. Part one provides an introduction to design and construction issues including insulation, occupant comfort and building codes. Part two goes on to investigate materials for earth buildings, before building technologies are explored in part three, including construction techniques for earth buildings. Modern earth structural engineering is the focus of part four. Finally, part five of Modern earth buildings explores the application of modern earth construction through international case studies.
Contents: Part 1 Introduction to modern earth buildings: Overview of modern earth building; Hygrothermal behaviour and occupant comfort in modern earth buildings; Fabric insulation, thermal bridging and acoustics in modern earth buildings; Modern earth building codes, standards and normative development; Passive house design: a benchmark for thermal mass fabric. Part 2 Earth materials engineering and earth construction: Soil materials for earth construction: properties, classification and suitability testing; Alternative and recycled materials for earth construction; Soil mechanics and earthen construction: Strength and mechanical behaviour; Soil stabilisation and earth construction: materials, properties, and techniques; Integral admixtures and surface treatments for modern earth buildings; Weathering and durability of earthen materials and structures. Part 3 Earth building technologies and earth construction techniques: History of earth building techniques; Stabilised soil blocks for structural masonry in earth construction; Modern rammed earth construction techniques; Pneumatically impacted stabilized earth (PISE) construction techniques; Conservation of historic earth buildings. Part 4 Modern earth structural engineering: Earth masonry structures: arches, vaults and domes; Structural steel elements within stabilised rammed earth (SRE) walling; Natural disasters and earth buildings: resistant design and construction; Embankments and earthfill dams: construction materials and techniques. Part 5 Application of modern earth construction: International case studies: North American modern earth construction; Australasian modern earth construction; European modern earth construction; Modern rammed earth construction in China.

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