Farm Demo - Patz 950-1100 cu/ft Patz 2400 Series Vertical Feed Mixer w/Side Discharge

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The Patz 2400 Series Twin Screw Vertical TMR Mixer is 950-1100 Cu/Ft in size. Visit http://patzcorp.com/ for specs on this machine.

Watch this on-farm demonstration of a 950 cu/ft with optional side-discharge openings as it mixes a ration of ground corn, protein, dry hay, roasted beans, haylage and corn silage. This large mixer has a low loading height (low-profile) and processes hay with ease into a well blended TMR - perfect for hungry happy cows. The tub features our patent pending baffle design which improves the front to back flow of materials. The large mixer screws are the best in the industry and are designed to mix quickly and thoroughly with cleanout far superior than any competitive brand.

As you watch this demonstration notice that there are no dead spots or areas of non-mixing. The 2400 Series undercarriage has walking tandem axles for smooth transport over rough terrain.

This video features the side discharge and has 2 openings. You can custom design your mixer to have multiple openings on each side. You can also order a commodity door opening in the back of the mixer. Optional front discharges are also available with your choice of left, right, reversible and/or incline conveyors.

Call your Patz dealer today for a free demo and a complete evaluation of your feed and manure handling needs. For more information on our company and our products, visit us at www.patzcorp.com.
Seeing is Believing...Established in 1948, Patz is the fastest growing vertical mixer company in North America. Don't take our word for it - it's what the neighbors are talking about.


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