11 iOS 14 Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

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Apple experts David and David tell you about iOS 14 you should turn off now. If you've watched our previous videos about settings to turn off now, you may have already done many of the steps in this video. However, when you update your iPhone, a lot of these settings get turned back on. There are also a handful of new iOS 14 settings you should turn off too!

1. Turn Off Preload Top Hit [0:11]
2. Check Important Privacy Settings [0:39]
3. Location Services [0:50]
4. Which Apps Need To Know Your "Precise Location"? [1:15]
5. Non-Essential System Services [1:25]
6. Significant Locations (Significant To Whom?) [2:55]
7. Does Apple Need To Know My Location To Improve Their Products? [3:14]
8. More "Analytics & Improvements" To Turn Off [3:30]
9. Personalized Apple Advertising [3:54]
10. Research Sensor & Usage Data Collection [4:25]
11. Background App Refresh — Which Apps Need It? [4:58]

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