👏👏 The Best #Starship SN8 Memes | RIP SN8 | Space Meme Review 6 👏👏


RIP SN8. Enjoy some dank memes with me as we rejoice the absolutely crazy first flight of a full scale starship prototype. Lots of fun memes to review. Remember, failure is an option, if you aren't failing, you aren't innovating enough. SpaceX achieved many milestones with this flight and has a lot of data to comb through for the upcoming SN9 flight. Can't wait for what is next for spaceflight. Mars here we come!

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/// Music by:
* McRocklin & Hutch - All I Want From You
* Test Shot Starfish - Cities in Flight

///Credit goes out to:
Test Shot Starfish
Mcrocklin & Hutch

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