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Melanie Martinez & Billie Eilish have this unspoken rivalry, mostly between fanbases. The grammy winning dark pop princess vs the The Voice Vet Crybaby will prove who really runs the game. It's Raven Eilish vs Melanie Marchantress.

Billie Eilish Voiced & Sang by: EMILY WALLACE https://bit.ly/32r8Ax7
Melanie Martinez & Dolly voice by: CASSIE CAREY https://www.cassiecarey.com/
Melanie Martinez Singing voice by: MONA ROSELIANNE https://youtu.be/KC-8BCQ70vU
Bury An Enemy Instrumental by: PRODBYMOON https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfcJEyBmfWaop-NjVzEeHUg
Billie Songs Mixed & Mastered by: Lei Barreto https://www.instagram.com/lei.barreto/

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