James Bond 007: Nightfire - Complete Playthrough


Timestamps below.
Really enjoyed Nightfire as a kid. I was off school sick one day and my mum rented it from blockbuster so I could enjoy it while I was off. I have good memories of playing the multiplayer with friends too, Skyrail is a great map, fun for those tripmines and rockets. (Also I was stuck on aim assist for the first few levels of this playthrough as I didn't know you could turn it off, I double checked later because aim assist was awful and luckily there is an option to disable it)
My verdict today - it was a miserable playthrough lol, the game for me has aged like gravy unfortunately. The aiming feels absolutely horrible compared to todays standards, which makes things a lot worse with some of the finnicky missions it has. There are lots of little things that I don't like about it unfortunately but won't go into them all (enemies tanking bullets without reacting, lack of checkpoints, sluggish weapon/gadget selection system - to name a few) On the plus side the game runs really smooth and the graphics are actually good for the PS2 era. Its one of those cases where the gap between my memory of the game vs the reality of it have drifted a long way apart lol.

0:00:50 - Paris Prelude
0:08:03 - The Exchange
0:28:02 - Alpine Escape
0:34:15 - Enemies Vanquished
0:38:38 - Double Cross
0:52:01 - Night shift
1:05:48 - Chain Reaction
1:20:02 - Phoenix Fire
1:37:28 - Deep Descent
1:44:14 - Island Infiltration
1:55:02 - Countdown
2:14:14 - Equinox
2:20:44 - End video & credits
2:26:30 - Skyrail Multiplayer Game
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