J.M. Sperger Concerto 4 , Finale. World Premiere, Lockdown Version. THE SPERGER PROJECT.


What do musicians do on a cold, rainy semi lockdown day?
Play some music and have some fun, of course.

So we took Sperger's 4th Bass Concerto and gave it a special treatment on the Viennese Violone and the Viola d'Amore.

This concerto is very special. It's for the Viennese bass, but in F Major. A third higher than the standard D- tuning. Since we play at 415 Hz, it actually sounds in E to our modern ears.

The bass, incidentally, is not Viennese but French. Patrick Charton, sadly deceased recently, built it for me. I'm using all plain gut strings except for the bottom string.

The bow is a copy by Jerome Gastaldo of one that's in the Brussels Instrument Museum. It's very light and short and it fits the Viennese bass technique extremely well. Haruko's bow is by Jerome as well, and the Amore was built by Pierre Vanengeland.

Since this is still Beethoven Year, we made a bit of a "Musikalischer Spaß", just like they did in the 18th century. There's even a very short bit of Saint-Saëns in there.

We had fun playing this fantastic piece, wrong notes and all. One day we'll make a more 'decent' recording, for our ongoing "Sperger Project". But we love the adrenalin rush of a spontaneous one-take adventure. And in a world that is drowning in fake news and fake-everything, some "real" stuff is sometimes very welcome.

Thanks to my beloved son Tobias for technical advice (through the internet, although he lives next door. Safety first.)

We promise to get a (long overdue) haircut as soon as the hairdressers are allowed to open again...

Enjoy, and please stay healthy ☺️

Haruko Tanabe
Korneel Le Compte
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