Castlevania: Curse of Darkness 1080p/60fps Full HD Walkthrough Longplay Gameplay No Commentary

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SHN Rating for Castlevania Curse of Darkness: ★★★★★
I have cutted out about 3 and a half hours of footage of me leveling and collecting the best weapons srry for that but then the video would have been too long even for SHN standards :P

Though defeated at the hands of Trevor Belmont, Dracula's curse still ravages the countryside of Europe, bringing with it disease, mob violence, and heresy. Amidst this chaos is Hector, a Devil Forgemaster who had formerly worked in the service of Dracula. Yet Hector grew weary and disgusted of the count's brutal methods and left to live with humans. When his human wife was killed and his fellow forgemaster, Isaac, is implicated in the deed, Hector sets off for Dracula's stronghold to settle the score with him.
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