Time Team ANNOUNCEMENT | December 2020

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We have some news for you...

Time Team's Series Producer and creator, Tim Taylor, shares all the details...

We are excited to announce that between now and February, we’ll be releasing 24 of our favourite episodes from Series 12 to 16 for FREE on the ‘Time Team Classics’ YouTube channel. Tune in on Sunday 6pm (GMT) for a very special Teatime premier and more details…

Alongside this we are launching Time Team on Patreon! View our new Patreon Membership Page here: https://www.patreon.com/TimeTeamOfficial

Patreon is a platform that will allow you, the fans, to support us and see premium extra content for a small subscription each month. Many of you have asked us to find a way to bring Time Team back. Well, we may have found a way of doing this – and involving you in the process.

Find more information on all of this and the new ways to watch Time Team on our website: https://www.timeteamdigital.com/watch

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