[ENG SUB] Professional Single 01 (Aaron Deng, Ireine Song)

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Drama name: Professional Single
Genres: Romance, Comedy, University
Also known as: 我凭本事单身

💬Plot summary:
Single since birth, Yuan Qian and Qin Shen are two people who will probably end up being single for life because they want to. Set against the backdrop of an art school, the story follows students who overcome many difficulties to pursue their artistic ideals. Qin Shen is a student who dreams of becoming a sculptor. A freshman in their department, he is like a god-level existence in their school - cold, disciplined and a perfectionist. However, girls mean nothing to him and he finds dating to be a complete waste of time.

Yuan Qian - Ireine Song
Qin Shen - Aaron Deng
Song Siyi - Wang Runze

Belong To You (Ending Song) sung by Sunnee: https://youtu.be/1KYDXike8fg
The Moment I Met You (Opening Song) sung by Ireine Song: https://youtu.be/H3wlWCTG05Y
You sung by Wang Runze: https://youtu.be/AopNNoSxoFo

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