Hard-To-Hold-On Enduro Racing - SEER Bootlegger 2021 - The Race for 2nd Place

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Well, my battery didn't last the full 3+ hours but it lasted longer than my arms! Happy to end up 2nd in this one after some mistakes on the first lap led to massive arm pump early on. Poor line choices and riding tight trying to move forward quickly led to getting passed back a few times before settling in to 2nd and just trying to maintain a pace that would hopefully keep me there. This was largely thanks to Nick Fahringer who had the most incredible mistake ever (punctured his gas tank while trying to adjust his shock!). I did go back and forth a bit with Jordan Ashburn and kept expecting him to catch back up with how fast he was on the mellow parts of the track, and there was quite a bit of that.

Most of the hard stuff was more physically difficult than technically tough, so not my strong suit. It is hard to ride through rock gardens when I can’t use the clutch/throttle properly and don’t have enough strength to stay standing up. I need to get in better shape and get this sorted so I can ride like I know how to. It’s quite frustrating and embarrassing .

Ryder Leblond was gone from the start so I knew there was no hope catching him. He was on it! My 3rd lap was probably my best after struggling the first one and recovering the second one. I finally started looking far enough ahead to hit better lines and not stop on the hills. I was definitely struggling to see the trail on the first lap. Sorry to the lappers that I had close calls with! This stuff is hard. I hope to learn from this and apply to the next one.
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