Oh Yes We Can Video in Public, Mr Contractor

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After noticing that I was not able to preach from my usual location at the Market Cross in Huddersfield, I decided to record a short video showing how the area was blocked off to the public due to cleaning in progress. I was instantly challenged by a cleaning contractor who wrongfully thought that I did not have the right to film in this area while they were working.

I thought I would post this video with the view of maybe enlightening you regarding your rights to video in public.


See below some information regarding photography in public.

Metropolitan Police Information and Advice

Photography advice

We encourage officers and the public to be vigilant against terrorism but recognise the importance not only of protecting the public from terrorism but also promoting the freedom of the public and the media to take and publish photographs.

Guidance around the issue has been made clear to officers and PCSOs through briefings and internal communications. The following advice is available to all officers and provides a summary of the guidance around photography in public places.

Freedom to photograph and film

Members of the public and the media do not need a permit to film or photograph in public places and police have no power to stop them filming or photographing incidents or police personnel.

UK Law

On the whole, UK law doesn't prevent photography in public places. The UK has relatively liberal laws regarding photography compared with many countries. Although there are some exceptions, the key principle is that you can photograph people and buildings without needing permission, providing you are in a public place.
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