EZ Flares XL Install on 05 Nissan Xterra (vehicle modification, product review, tips, and more!)

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Despite a heat wave here in Indiana, I got motivated this weekend and finished up a lot of work on the Xterra. One of the things I was excited to install was my set of EZ Flare XL's.

The flares are great because they are extremely easy to apply (probably took me about a half an hour and I was filming the whole thing and added some self tapping screws to ensure they stayed on no matter what kind of terrain I go on in the future). The adhesive is extremely strong which made the application very easy.

Overall, each set is 124" long so I just cut them in half to 62" to make working with the material as easy as possible. Then, I simply removed the cover from the adhesive strip a little at a time and applied them around the fenders and quarter panels.

The Xterra is a bit weird because it goes from a curved front bumper to a flat fender. My main concern (and reason for installing the flares) is to prevent the many rock chips I've been getting over the last couple of years so I chose to keep them one, solid strip all the way back, which caused a bit of a kink in the material where it meets the fender. You could cut the easy flare and then put them as close together as possible for a smoother look.

The only real alternatives if you want the protection of a flare for an Xterra is to find someone on a forum who is custom making flares and I've seen those go for between $750 and $1000 for a set. For most vehicles with truly rounded flares, these flares would look even better because they have a slight lip that makes a consistent install really easy.

If you want to learn more about this product, check out their site here: https://ezflares.com/

If you want to purchase them, here are some quick links to the different variations. Keep in mind you'll need to purchase two sets of them to do all 4 flares.

EZ Flares-1": https://amzn.to/2xvwmtz
EZ Flares XL-2": https://amzn.to/2LwpRz7

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