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Model Engineers Workshop №117

Добавлено: 11-04-2014, 16:39
Model Engineers Workshop №117
Название: Model Engineers Workshop
Номер: 117
Издательство: MyHobbyStore Ltd
Год: 2006
Страниц: 68
Формат: PDF
Размер: 51 Мб
Язык: English

This superb magazine deals with machines, materials, processes and techniques for precision metalwork. It's a must read for the serious model engineering hobbyists.


On the Editor's Bench
Dave Fenner's commentary
Lathe Only Workshop (9) -Retractable Tool Holder
The GHT design from Hemingway
Sensitive Drill Feed
Delicate touch on a big machine
Display Frame
Organise and view those drawings
A Plain Man's Guide to Saws and Sawing
Valuable advice for beginners
Trade counter
New items from suppliers
Sharpening with Diamond Discs
Clean and simple
The World Comes To Harrogate
Workshop equipment at the recent exhibition
Visit to Newall Measurement Systems
A peek behind the scenes at this premier British manufacturer
Lathe Spider
to hold thin work squarely
Self-Releasing Mandrel Handle
No shock loads on the headstock bearings
Bending Tools
for use in the humble fly press
A Simple Spark Erosion Machine
Remove taps or cut holes in hard material
Scribe a Line
Reader to reader
Next Issue

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